Thursday, March 5, 2009

Message From EFRA About 1/10 Track Rules

Dear Friends,

The rule clarification of the 7 minute heat mandatory fuel stop has caused some commotion.This was clearly not the intention.

At the AGM section meeting, we assumed that, in normal conditions, 7 minutes without a fuel stop, could not be done.This subject was not talked about in depth.

So I believed the clarification was done in the interest of the sport, to avoid drivers leaning out the engines to reach the 7 minutes.

However, to avoid precedents in the future, we have to follow the rule as it was minuted at the AGM.

So it is necessary to cancel that clarification.We do hope drivers will use common sense, not to destroy engines by trying to go for 7 minutes without re-fuelling.

As EFRA 1/10th IC Track section chairman, I apologise for any confusion caused.

Best Regards,
Franky Noens
EFRA Chairman 1/10th IC Trac

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